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Biology EOC Professional Development - March 18, 2013

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BIO EOC Agenda

March 18, 2013


8:00-8:15            Seat, Greet and Meet Powerpoint

·         Names in for Door Prizes

·         Focus on Systems and Field Study

·         Source:  Sustainability Tomorrow:  A Systems Thinking Guidebook by Ponte and Linder



·        Teachers will learning and apply system thinking tools as a means to better understand EALR 1:  Systems (Sys)

·        Teachers will write multiple-choice questions to address the Item Specs for Systems and LS2 Ecology

·        Teachers will develop lesson plans to address Item Specs for Systems and LS2 (Ecology)

·        Teachers will write an EOC-Type field study scenario to use in their biology classes this spring


8:00 – 8:15  Meet, seat and great


8:15- 8:30  Opening Activity:  So it is March where am I with preparing my kids?


8:30 – 8:45 Sharing strategies (Give One to Get One) Current EOC Strategies Teachers are Using


8:45 – 9:15  Bio EOC Updates:

  1. Lessons learned from OSPI
  2. Distribution of questions:  Sample test


9:15 – 10:15

Modeling a Systems Approach


Sustainable Tomorrow:  A Systems Guide for Applying Systems Thinking Grades 9-12


Systems Thinking Opens Possibilities (S.T.O.P.) - Systems Thinking Resource


Systems Thinking S.T.O.P.


Systems Thinking Tools used in workshop


10:15 – 10:30   BREAK


10:30 – 11:30

                More on Systems Approach - Writing Multiple Choice Items (Item Spec Cards 1, Item Spec Cards 2)


11:30 – 12:30 

Your turn!

Each team selects a case study and develops a lesson around this idea using the STOP approach


Lesson Plan - Case Study Wolves, Insights in Biology pg 9


Lesson Plan - Bringing Back the Everglades pg 73

Lesson Plan - Ticks and Moths pb. 41



EOC Strategy - Student Scaffolds for SYSC, Modeling Systems (to answer SA in Green Pepper Plant Scencario)


12:30  LUNCH


1:00 – 1:30

Kristen Emmett, Science and Technology Project Manager, Naturebridge

You can explore Olympic National Park FieldScope with NatureBridge at: olympic.fieldscope.org.

Here some information with links to several ways teachers can come to Olympic National Park:


1:30 – 2:30

Design an outdoor field study


2:30 – 3:30 Share out!!!



Next Steps

·         What can we do to support you and your students? 

·         Personal Reflection and Evaluation

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