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Biology - End of Course Exam (EOC)

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Biology - End of Course Exam


Biology EOC Release Items - (organized/compiled May 2015)


Inventory of EOC-Type Questions - (includes items created at December 4th Biology EOC Session)


2015 - EOC Study Guide Glacier Peak (Word Version)

2013 - EOC Study Guide Glacier Peak 


OSPI Updates - 2013 -  

Biology EOC Professional Development Dec. 4th - Notes and Resources 


Biology EOC Professional Development Jan. 15th - Notes and Resources 


Biology EOC Professional Development March 18th - Systems Approach and Field Studies 



Seattle Public Schools - EOC Study Guide

This document includes item specs, links for students and reflective questions.  It is a very large document, feel free to post digitally to your Fusion page for kids or distribute in chunks to kids (LS1, LS2 and LS3).  NOTE:  These only include the content standards.  50% of the EOC will be process (systems, inquiry and application).

Student Self-Assessment - 1st Semester

Student Self-Assessment 2nd Semester 


EOC Study Materials from Bainbridge Island School District, very comprehensive!


Guides From OSPI Moodle Site: 

LS1A Photosynthesis
LS1B Cellular Respiration

LS1C Cell Organelles
LS1D Cell Membrane
LS1E Processes within Cells
LS1F Chemical Reactions
LS1G Enzymes and other Proteins
LS1H Mitosis
LS1I Meiosis


LS2A Matter and Energy Cycling
LS2B Populations
LS2C Population Growth
LS2D Ecosystem Models
LS2E Interrelationships of Organisms

LS2F Sustainability


LS3A Biological Evolution
LS3B Natural Selection
LS3C Diversity
LS3D Fossil Record
LS3E Classification


Resources from Systems, Inputs, Outputs, Parts, Feedback Loops:

Systems Formative Assessment Probe - Volume 4 Uncovering Student Ideas in Science page 81


Systems - Teacher Planning Tool


Systems Snail/Elodea Scenario - Practice


Systems Snail/Elodea Scenario - Scoring Guide


System Guides for Kids
For Snail/Elodea Lab (Meade Johnson)

For Biome Lab in AHA Text (Karen France)


Resources from Inquiry - Developing an Investigation, Field Study and Conclusion:

Foaming Spuds Investigation, OSPI Released 2011

  1. Student Investigation - pgs 12-15
  2. Conclusion Rubric and Sample Student Responses - pgs 30-38 
  3. Writing procedure Rubic and Sample Student Responses - 39-44
  4. Guiding Questions for writing or rewriting a conclusion
  5. What is a "Conclusive Statement"?  A quick activity to supporting students in their writing of a conclusive statement. 
  6. Science Short-Answer Templates  


Field Investigation, Anticipated OSPI Release October 2012

Beach Field Investigation - Practice

Beach Field Investigation - Scoring Guide

Park Field Study - A field study you can do on campus

Field Study Template (Garfield HS)

Scoring Rubric for Field Study

Field Study HS Example - Schoolyard Surface Temp Investigation

Pacific Education Institute - Field Study Investigations (a resource document to help scaffold field studies with students)

Classroom Field Study (Tracy Landboe, RHS):

     Field Trip Guide
     Beach Lab Write Up
     Intertidal Id project


Resources for Application-Research, Redesign, Evaluating Criteria, and Testing Solutions

Blueberry Blues Redesign, OSPI Released 2011

  1. Student Application Research and Explore - pgs 26-27
  2. Research and Explore Rubric and Sample Student Responses - pgs 50-55
  3. HS Technological Design Process - Teacher Guide, resource from OSPI Spring 2012
  4. Constraints and Criteria, Question created by SPS Teachers
  5. Redesign, Question created by SPS Teachers
  6. Testing Solutions, Question created by SPS Teachers
  7.  Science Short-Answer Templates 




Additional Resources and Sample Items:


Science Learning Standards, 2009


Item Test Specs - OSPI


Released and Practice Items for EOC


Inquiry EOC Example w/ 2009 standards (created by seattle teachers, based on OSPI released scenario)


Science Assessment Databank, (questions for each science content standard)



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